To wear or not to wear?

Written by hootenannie on May 6th, 2007

In light of the spirit of my last post, I feel a little bit embarrassed even asking this question, but… is it too early to wear white pants?

I know, I know – who makes the rules? I shouldn’t care. I should ignore the culture, buck the trends, and do what I want, accepting myself exactly the way that I am. But this is more a question of appropriateness. Via today’s Google search, I have heard conflicting messages: white pants between Easter and Labor Day, or white pants between Memorial Day and Labor Day? We are currently in the no-man’s-land between Easter and Memorial Day; thus, I find myself in a dilemma this morning.

Because I DO own the most fantastic pair of white pants the good Lord (and Anthropologie) ever made – the kind of pants that made people stop and comment in the dressing room. I spent a pretty penny last spring, and need to get my money’s worth out of them every single year until I die. They are among the best things I own, along with my black boots and new dress and red coat: signature ANNIE items.

In the midst of my giving the culture the proverbial “bird,” I feel it necessary to clarify that I still think it’s okay to feel pretty every now and then. I can’t help it. I love beautiful clothes. I love to curl my hair. I love getting dressed up and wearing makeup and being put together. It’s fabulous to be a woman.

And Lord have mercy, my white pants are screaming my name today. I give in, fashion faux pas or not.

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