Written by hootenannie on August 16th, 2007

Perhaps it is futile to aspire toward perfection. Nevertheless…

In a perfect world:
* Coffee and red wine would not stain teeth.
* Gas would cost 10 cents/gallon.
* Jobs would last 10 hours/week, and we would always leave fulfilled.
* Bad haircuts would grow out in one day.
* The black Macbook would not show fingerprints.
* Checking accounts would always stay at a respectable balance.
* I would verbalize every compliment that struck me.
* Everyone would travel and experience the rest of the world.
* That fuzzy, happy, “in crush” feeling would be my permanent state of existence.
* There would be no line at the DOL.
* Everyone I love would live in the same place, and we would play Scrabble and go camping and laugh every night.
* I would always know the right words to say.
* Vegetables would come pre-chopped.
* There would be no such thing as embarrassment, or fear, or insecurity.
* We would get hugs like this every day.

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