Gone to Carolina in my mind (and for reals)

Written by hootenannie on November 11th, 2007

I love Hilton Head. I want to live and die here. Well, that’s not immediately true. I want to live some other places for awhile. But when I am an old lady, after my husband has passed away (as men typically die earlier than women), I will cut my hair as short as I want and return here to the beaches of South Carolina. I will drink wine and gain some happy pounds and live out my days in peace.

I’ve walked on the beach. I’ve seen alligators and turtles and heron. I’ve finished two new songs. I’ve purchased six new books. I’ve noticed how the Spanish moss that hangs from the trees reminds me of furry monkey tails.

And tomorrow morning, I will continue The Big Trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It’s time to do the Dirty South.

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