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Written by hootenannie on November 15th, 2007

This is my third stint in Nashville this fall, and am I ever glad. When I pulled into town on Tuesday night, I had an odd sense that, “Ah, I’m home.” Is that strange? Seattle will always feel like home to me, but that does not mean that another place can’t feel equally “right.”

I like it.

Yesterday morning I spent a good three hours at a coffee shop called Portland Brew, which is cool for several reasons: 1) the coffee is great, 2) the parking lot is full of beater cars with Apple stickers on them, and 3) the people-watching is fantastic. So, there I am, type-type-typing away, when all of a sudden something scratched my wrist. What? I look down at my computer and see that HOLY COW MY COMPUTER IS BROKEN. The plastic had straight-up cracked, and was hanging off the edge like a hang-nail.

Now, you must understand that in my mind, this event translated to, “I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I cannot say for certain, but there is a good chance that your ability to speak, hear, and see are about to be ripped away from you. I am not sure that you will ever regain a portal to the outside world.” Without my computer, I am… I am nothing.

So I emailed my new friend Cameron and asked him for directions to the nearest Apple store. He sent me in the direction of the Green Hills Mall.

Things I learned at the Green Hills Mall:
1) There is an Apple store, and they have the ability to fix my computer for $0.00. Word to the wise: invest in AppleCare. It is soooooo worth it.
2) There is a Macy’s, and they sold me a shirt for $0.01. So what if it’s an ugly striped polo. I bought it so I could write about it in my blog.
3) Alison Krauss shops there. I would know, because I WALKED RIGHT PAST HER. This is my new reality.

I am so grateful that when I move here in January, I will already have the lay of the land, have met some wonderful people, and feel connected to the social scene.

Now, if only I could find a place to live and a job…

No time for that. I’m going to meet friends for a Predators game.

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