Questions for the New Year

Written by hootenannie on December 31st, 2007

I am proud to say that I have made it through 2007, and it wasn’t quite as dark as I originally anticipated. One year ago tonight, I was in a deep depression, and terrified of what the coming year would hold. But now, I am happy – at least, most of the time, which is much better than “hardly ever.” So much that was unknown a year ago has become clear – 2007 exists now not as an uncertainty, but as an experience, a memory, a closed door.

And so, with the expectancy that some of the questions I have about 2008 will soon be answered, I ask them.

Are risks worth the risk? How am I supposed to start over? Where will I live? Where will I work? Who will be my friends? Where will I go to church? Will I ever find a bed, or a couch, or a desk, or a dresser? Who will cut my hair? How am I going to get all of my boxes to Nashville? Where will I do my banking? Will I get my wish and have my new phone number be PAR-SONS? What ever happened to my coffee grinder and toaster oven? Will I ever have medical insurance again? Why is everyone getting engaged? Will Nashville ever get a Trader Joe’s? A Nordstrom? Where will I do my shopping? Will I ever live in Seattle again? Do dreams come true? Who reads this blog? Who will I marry? Will I get married? Do I really want to get married? How will I get my rugs from Seattle to Nashville? Will any of my friends come visit me? Which gym will I go to? Will I ever see Nicole Kidman walking around town? Will I ever have a dog as cute as Gabe? Will I ever go to Italy? Will I ever be comfortable in my own skin? What is going to happen in 2008? Is there anything better than cold pizza for breakfast?

One year from now, I hope that I have a lot of these questions answered. But I believe that even today, to the last question, I can emphatically answer, “No.”

– – – – – – – –

T-minus 4 days until The Big Move.

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