Island anticipation

Written by hootenannie on January 17th, 2008

On Facebook, there are six random friends that are displayed on one’s profile at any given time. Each time I refresh my page, six new faces appear. Without fail, every time I see these six faces, I imagine that I’m stuck on a desert island with them, and wonder how awkward or awesome that combination might be.

Sometimes, it’s really exciting: “She’s the kind of person that I would want around in a crisis, and he would probably make a really sweet hut. And that guy can be there just because he’s cute.” But other times, the make-believe awkwardness and discomfort wins out: “Those two would fight about religion, and he’s a know-it-all even though he doesn’t know anything, and she’s a vegan, so…”

This little game of mine highlights a really cool truth about my life: I have so many friends, and they are extraordinarily different. I have a few really close kindred spirits, but am also peripherally involved in many varied social networks. Each person brings something unique and noteworthy to the mix. I learn from each person, whether it’s about civil engineering, or what liquor goes into a Manhattan, or how to play a diminished chord on the guitar, or why turning 30 is going to be rad, or how to pair the right accessories with an outfit, or simply, what kindness looks like.

Friends, thanks for being my friends.

And obviously, I can’t wait for “Lost” to come back… TWO WEEKS FROM TONIGHT.

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