Written by hootenannie on January 10th, 2008

Since I arrived in Nashville, I have been subsisting on a steady diet of:
* Breakfast: egg on toast

* Lunch: one piece of bread with mustard and turkey (no cheese)
* Dinner: tomato soup with 4 Ritz crackers crumbled in.

Yesterday, my mom reminded me that I am NOT at the bottom of the hole (yet), and stop being ridiculous, and go buy yourself a brick of cheese, for crying out loud. I do have some savings, and the reason that I saved money for so long was to HAVE it when I NEED it. Now is one of those times. And so, I am allowing myself to spend some of my life-savings on Caloric Intake and Survival.

After much thought and prayer, I decided that I could allow myself a mid-afternoon snack. So I purchased two of my favorite ingredients: apples and peanut butter.

Adam’s, my favorite peanut butter, was nowhere to be found in this foreign store they call Kroger. I did, however, find what looked to be the next-best-thing: Krema Natural Peanut Butter. I took it home, and before opening it, noticed a suggestion on the label:

“For stirring tips, visit our website!”

Stirring tips? Intriguing! Now, I am one to follow instructions, adhere to the rules, even when it involves using the tube’s “suggested” amount of a 1” strip of toothpaste every time I brush my teeth. So, naturally, before proceeding any further with my snack, I checked out the website.

Their tip: “Oil separation occurs naturally, just stir it up!”

And once again, there went 2 minutes of my life that I can never get back.

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