Written by hootenannie on February 1st, 2008

January was a great run, in terms of blogs. Check it out – 28 posts! That is by far my highest record to date. I’m glad that you’re reading. I like you. Thanks for continually checking in and following along in the adventure that is my life.

It’s funny: I have always been a person who is a planner. I plan for my day, my week, my month, my year. I plan financially. I plan what I’m going to eat. I plan in order to reach my goals. I even plan when I’m going to shower – yes, I write it in my calendar.

But this is the first time in my life where there has been no plan. My story is not even sketched out – it is being written, day by day. In all areas, my life, rather than playing out in a very “scripted” and “planned for” way, is simply unfolding. I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

But as my friend George recently reminded me, we can only experience God in this present moment. Yes, he is the God of the past, and yes, he is the God of the future. He is omnipresent; we can look to the past and recognize his faithfulness, and look to the future with faith. But the only place that we can truly experience him is right now. So I am dwelling in that truth, and just being. I am existing with this weird contentment, anticipation, and excitement.

Today is a big day. Something is unfolding right now – something that I didn’t plan for or dream up. It’s crazy and insane and bizarre and exciting. Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime. But until then, I need to go pack a bag and head out of town. Something is happening.

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