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Written by hootenannie on March 20th, 2008

Typically, I try to have some sort of “theme” to my posts: why I hate townhomes, the proper funeral attire, that one time I ripped out all of my eyelashes, etc. But today, I bring you a slapdash assortment of my thoughts.

1) Yesterday, I watched “A Mighty Heart.” It was terrible – and by that, I mean, it was incredibly well-done and well-acted, but an atrocious, true story. I remember when journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and held hostage in Pakistan back in 2002, but it was only a blip on my radar. A story on the news with a tragic ending… now, what am I having for dinner tonight? The actuality that his wife Marianne faced – the simultaneous fear and courage during his absence, the unspeakable horror at being told that he was beheaded, and the grace with which she faced a future without her husband – was absolutely moving. Angelina Jolie nailed the role: delicate, nuanced, and painful.

2) I went to the seafood bar at Whole Foods last night, and chose poorly: a terrible fish soup (made me want to vomit) and the octopus salad (not what I was hoping for at all). It makes me desperately excited for my trip to Seattle in a few weeks… excuse me, Graham – OUR trip! I am dreaming of Ivar’s Salmon House on Lake Union…

3) It is almost Easter, and Lent has passed me by basically without any acknowledgement. Having the season of Lent be such a large reality of my former job and community, I am dumbfounded as to how I never even noticed it this year. I feel like I’ve missed something. I honestly believe that the act of giving something up for 40 days is a refining and enriching process, and I am sad that I didn’t participate. I feel spiritually unprepared for Easter… although that doesn’t change my excited anticipation at the fact that I am seeing these guys this weekend. That’s right, another trip to Kansas. I hope I am awarded “Customer of the Year” in Southwest’s Spirit in-flight magazine.

4) I just painted my nails at my desk. At work. Where I get paid to paint my nails.


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