One size fits most

Written by hootenannie on March 4th, 2008

I own a lot of things that I like. I like my chocolate brown towels. I like my two little glass bowls that are just the right size for a little bit of yogurt. I like my tall green vase. I like so many of my books. I like the quilt on my bed, and the CamelBak pack I take hiking, and my game of Scrabble that came in a wooden box.

But I own a couple of things that I really, really love. My 1950’s floral chair. My sexy Macbook. My Martin guitar. My beaten down, worse-for-the-wear, “just hold it together, sister” Honda Accord. And my black Michael Stars turtleneck.

If you’re not familiar, Michael Stars is a brand that makes “one size fits most” clothing. I do not know what this means, since sometimes their shirts fit me, and other times, well, I suppose I’m not one of the “most.” I just did a little research, and apparently, to Michael Stars, “most” means sizes extra-small to medium. I do not think that is an accurate assessment of “most,” but that’s just me: a solid medium with boobs.

When shopping, my eye is always drawn toward Michael Stars t-shirts – especially the ones that are infused with “Shine.” I do not know what they do to make their shirts glow with an effervescent luminescence, but I’m all over it. Like a slug on wet pavement, I am all over it.

Last August, I was shopping on old Ballard Ave. in Seattle, and came across a black Michael Stars turtleneck. Overpriced, but well-made. Elbow-length sleeves, and slim-cut down to just past the hip bone. Thick, stretchy cotton – no “Shine,” but magnetic, all the same. I bought it on that hot August day in anticipation of the upcoming dreary season, and this has been my go-to shirt all fall and winter.

I want to wear it every day. I’m wearing it today. And I can’t promise that I won’t be wearing it tomorrow, too.

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