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Lamenting the bob

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Hair grows.

It does. I know it does.

And mine grows quickly, like a weed – about an inch a month.

Still. These days, I am regretting the decision to cut my hair.

Sure, it was spontaneous and cute and spunky for awhile – an “I am Annie Freaking Parsons” moment. But now, it’s shaggy and a little bit shapeless, and not short enough to be cute, but not long enough to be hot.

I am a PTA mother.

I miss the days of showering at night, sleeping with wet hair, and waking up with a picture-perfect mane. It was so easy, with the ever-advantageous feature of being long enough for a Liv Tyler ponytail. These days, my ponytail is an inch and a half long, with the underside being too short to reach the rubber band, and thus, sticking out wildly, like prickles on a cactus.

I could trim it up and give it some oomph, but I so desperately want it to Be Long again. I cut it on February 23, and 10” were hacked off. So if I want to get it back to a state of glamour, this means that I will be in the process of growing until Christmas.

Christmas 1987 – a hand-made dollhouse, crafted by my Grandpop
Christmas 1993 – a kitten named Cassie
Christmas 2000 – keys to the Honda, which my parents helped me get into
Christmas 2005 – Dolce & Gabana Light Blue perfume
Christmas 2008 – my femininity