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Q&A with AP

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

You probably have some questions for me. And I am here to answer them. Preemptively. That’s right: I am going to answer questions that you have yet to vocalize.

We’ll start with some obvious ones.

Annie, can we see your new earrings?
Of course!

I got these from Mud & Mint’s Etsy shop, where there are all sorts of lovely things available.

What else are you coveting from Etsy these days?
If by “covet” you mean, “think about as I fall asleep at night, and fantasize about all of the different possible uses for, and stand flabbergasted that something so amazingly perfect exists,” then it would have to be this:

I’m swooning. This is the world’s most amazingly ideal, best-case-scenario bag. I’m saving my pennies, and thinking about harvesting pop cans from the side of the freeway for nickels. And busking for quarters.

What else do you want, besides that bag?
A massage. That is always the answer.

How long are you going to live in Nashville?
Longer than you think.


Shorter than you think.

Depending on how long you think.

(I really have no earthly idea. What should I do with my life? If you have any ideas, my comment board is an open forum.)

When can we hear some of the songs that you are allegedly writing? You ARE writing, right? Not that we would know. Since there’s nothing to prove that you are actually writing any new material.
I’m glad you asked! I have some studio time scheduled for next week, and will hopefully get 2 new demos out of the deal.

I’ve actually been writing quite a bit lately. Are the songs “good”? Well, “good” is a relative term. I think that they stand on their own. I think that they’re better than my early material. I think that I like them, and that’s a fairly new feeling for me.

Don’t worry: you will be alerted just as soon as these songs are available to be listened to. I’ll throw them on MySpace, and we’ll have a song-unveiling party right here on the blog. Bring beer.

Do you miss Seattle?
Desperately. Every day.

I know that I tend to be a revisionist, and idealize certain times in my life which, in actuality, were far from perfect.

But I kind of think that my life in Seattle was close to perfect.

Maybe someday I’ll look back on this time in Nashville and think the same thing. Like, “Remember when I used to walk around the grocery store for free-sample dinners? Remember when I sat in silence at a desk for 8-hours each day? Remember the feeling of being completely anonymous, but not exactly in a good way? Remember the roaches? Yeah. That was awesome.”

So. Maybe not “awesome.” But “living.” And really – aren’t those two words kind of the same thing?

Even in the doldrums of everyday life, me thinks yes.

Can we ask you more questions?
Sure! Post any that you have for me, and I’ll try my best to answer them.