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Written by hootenannie on June 20th, 2008

Him: “So you drive an old car?”

Me: “She’s not old. She’s experienced.”

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Thanks, Matt Kirkland, for killing the magic. But in a most-awesome way.

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It doesn’t happen often. But when times are tough, I will occasionally wander over to for some light, soul-sucking reading. Today, I found myself taking a “Whom would you rather date?” quiz, which placed a couple of “hot” young bucks side-by-side, and then let me cast my vote.

Maybe this means I’m completely un-hip, but I didn’t know who 75% of the candidates were. I’ve never watched “Gossip Girl.” I’ve never heard a Jonas Brothers song. “High School Musical” has never appealed to me. But these effeminate, coiffed girly-boys are prettier than I am. Is this the standard of attraction today?

If so, I will remain single, thank you very much. Because if I MUST date someone, at least let him be manly.

– – – – – – – –

Maybe I’ll do another weekend update video. You never know. Stay tuned. And happy Friday.

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