Ignored by England

Written by hootenannie on July 9th, 2008

I don’t think that women should wait until they get married to get good kitchen gadgets. That would be a drag. And so a couple of years ago for my birthday, all that I asked for was a set of sharp knives in a cutting block, and a really awesome blender.

Note: this was the same birthday that my then-boyfriend gave me an iron and a tube of wood glue. And no, I am not joking.

However, my parents came through, big time. My knives are truly sharp. My blender is truly awesome. And copper! Not your average Wal-Mart appliance – this is a serious grown-up-lady contraption.

Which is why I was upset when I discovered a crack in the base a few weeks back. Sarah and Grant “the man that I [used to] live with” came over for dinner, and our margaritas turned into a tequila-doused countertop and a sticky floor. In fact, I continue to find sticky spots that I missed in the mop up.

A lazy person might toss the blender and get a new one. But not me. It is a sexy piece of machinery, worth more than I am currently willing to spend on a blender, and I should be able to get a new plastic base, right? Just go to the website, click Customer Service, send them an email and…

They only serve the UK.

[exasperated groan]

They don’t even recognize my model number. To the Brits, I do not exist, and neither does my blender. I emailed them back to ask if they have an American counterpart, and they said no. The Russell Hobbs RHCBL3 is an anomaly. It’s a mystery.

And a crying shame.

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