N is for Nourishment

Written by hootenannie on October 27th, 2008

Last week, the stars aligned.

First, my friend Debbie dropped me an email, seemingly out of the blue, asking me if I read any Annie Dillard. My reaction: does Rick Astley shake his groove thang? Annie Dillard is breathtaking – one of my favorite writers. Her “Living Like Weasels” makes me want to throw a chair across the room, it’s so good. Debbie’s email reminded me to pick up my copy of “Teaching a Stone to Talk,” and ingest some meaty essays. I could feast on her words for days.

Then, my friend Handy Graham recommended the eastmountainsouth record. I already had one track from their 2003 (and only) album, but after Graham’s endorsement, was inspired to purchase the whole thing. It has not disappointed – this album has become the soundtrack to my world for the past couple of days.

A few days ago, the eastmountainsouth track “Still Running” popped up on my iPod, and I listened attentively to the words. The lyrics seemed familiar – balmy, true, trustworthy – and in a moment of synergy, I realized that it is based on an Annie Dillard essay, “God in the Doorway.”

This is as glowing a recommendation that I can give: get your hands on a copy of Dillard’s “God in the Doorway” and eastmountainsouth’s “Still Running.” Read the 3-page essay, and follow it immediately with the song. When I did, it was like chasing a cupcake with a glass of milk: good on their own, but together, divine.

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