November 26th, 2008 browsing by day


Who let the dogs out?

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

I did. Or at least one. I let the dog out.

While the Handy Graham is in Pennsylvania with his family for Thanksgiving, some of us Nashville stragglers are splitting dog-duty. It seems that this boy cannot turn away a stray, and last week, he found a delightful little red mutt that we are all still trying to name. Any ideas?

This morning, after I dropped off Julie at the airport at 5:30am, I headed to take care of the Dog That I Call Jasper For Now. And after he scarfed down his food, I sat on the kitchen floor and he crawled into my lap and we snuggled for an hour. I was saying things like “Who’s a good boy? Who? Yes you are. YES YOU ARE!” It was great, and terribly animal-nerdy (which is a Parsons’ trait). Then I put him in the backyard, and headed home to get ready for work.

Tonight, my friend Josh is dropping me at the airport, and I’ll fly to Kansas City to be with my family for the holiday weekend. Apparently, Micah (5) is learning to set the table, and Tyler (3) cannot stop talking about pie. It’s going to be a good Thanksgiving.

This year, I’m thankful for my Nash-life. I’m thankful for the friends who have surrounded me here – for being my airport rides and my running buddies and my emotional contacts, making the fuzzy things clear. I’m thankful for the friends who live far away, and yet still find ways to love me and encourage me across the miles. I’m thankful for a job that pays my bills. I’m thankful for a church that feeds my soul. I’m thankful for my trusty steed of a Honda that hasn’t broken down in over a year. I’m thankful for Whole Foods Market, and the fact that they’re serving free samples of stuffing and mashed potatoes all week. I’m thankful that despite that fact, I still fit into my black pants (booyah!). I’m thankful for musicians so much better than me. I’m thankful for magical blog moments, like happened yesterday. I’m thankful for the opportunity to pursue the things that I want to pursue. I’m thankful for a coffee pot with brew-pause, so I can pour myself a cup before the pot is full. I’m thankful for the cooler weather (sweet Mother of Pearl, am I ever thankful). I’m thankful for the chance to spend the morning snuggling with a sweet dog. I’m thankful for family members who, despite our idiosyncrasies and freakish moments, totally love each other. I’m thankful that the idea of spending the holiday with my family is a welcome, warm-fuzzy thought. I’m thankful for grace, because Lord knows that I need it.

And I’m thankful that this list could go on and on. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.