Written by hootenannie on November 20th, 2008

Internet, have you met my brother Jeremy?

One half of The Parsons Photographers (along with his super-fly wife Ashley – or Ashlug, as we call her, since initiation into the Parsons family includes receiving a name that sounds like a flesh wound), dad to the Sparking Wonder Boys Micah and Tyler, recent half-marathon runner, awesome musician, lover of “Arrested Development” and “Flight of the Conchords,” creator of Photoshop majesties like this:

Here’s the thing (okay, “the things”) about Jeremy. He’s 2 ½ years older than me, and when we were little, living in San Jose, CA, we shared a room. He had the top bunk, I had the bottom. One night, he tied a string around his ankle and dangled the end down to my bed; “If you get scared in the middle of the night, just pull on this and I’ll wake up,” he said.

He was always so much nicer than me. I recall biting him one time. And shoving my sister Becca up against a wall. And locking baby Sarah in the minivan in the summer heat. I was slammed doors, screamed threats, dramatic tears, rolled eyes. He was kind words, genuine laughs, rides to school even when I made him 20 minutes late, shuffling out to the truck in a blaze of hormonal glory. As we’ve grown into adults (at least – I have), he has been the phone call when my heart has been smashed by another boy, or the YouTube video link when I need to laugh, or the guitar player when I couldn’t do it myself.

He is unflappable – so laid back, he’s horizontal – and tirelessly committed to his wife and boys.

He’s also a kickass photographer.

Jeremy is currently traveling the Southwest in a “party like a rock star” tour bus along with 11 other professional photographers as a part of the Mammoth Men. You should check out their antics, and their amazing photos.

Here are Jeremy’s images from the trip. I’m blown away. And lucky to have such an amazing big brother.

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