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Written by hootenannie on December 11th, 2008

Okay, not to be Miss Bossy Pants, but there are several things that you absolutely HAVE to do.

First of all, you have to look up my new pal Neal Carpenter on iTunes – he has one song, “Don’t Give Up On Me,” for sale. And you guys. Believe me when I say that this is such a good song. It is worth way more than the 99 cents you will pay for it – and wouldn’t it just make Neal’s day to sell a bunch of songs? But in all honesty, I recommend this to you more for YOUR sake than his. He’s like a male version of Patty Griffin – and if you know anything about my musical taste, you’ll know that that’s just about the biggest compliment I could give anyone. Seriously – for less than the price of a pack of gum, you will be rewarded with a song that you will never want to end. This might be Neal’s first song on iTunes, but it won’t be his last.

And while you’re there on iTunes, you should also grab the exquisite Catherine Hessler’s “How Many Angels,” written by one of my very dearest friends, Katie Freeze. This one little track will change your Christmas season, I promise. I don’t even like Christmas music, but this song makes me weep. Sometimes I listen to it in July, just because my heart needs to be woken up a little bit. “Telling me I am beloved, and telling me never to fear…” – words we all need to hear, words we all need to believe.

Next, you have to revisit the darling dog that the Handy Graham took in off the street. His official name is Wallingford Rufus Rutherford Parsons – but Graham doesn’t know that, and he just calls him Copper.  Take it from me: this is the sweetest, most adorable little pup you could ever find, and would be an amazing addition to your life. Now, adopt him – or find a friend who will.

And finally, be careful about sucking face, kids.

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