Winds of change

Written by hootenannie on December 3rd, 2008

As a very strong introvert – one who needs my alone time like I need oxygen, like I need chocolate – I must say that I am blown away by my life here in Nashville. The fact that on a Tuesday night, I would gladly choose to go to a show with a friend, and talk the whole time, and then swing by another friend’s house on the way home from the grocery store, just to say hi and hang out for a half an hour even when I could have been at home alone, is beyond me.

The fact that I will be living with not just one, but TWO other girls, come January, is astounding. The fact that I will be living in a bedroom that, as of right now, has no door (no door!), is flabbergasting.

The fact that every Wednesday night I choose to go running with a group of athletes far more capable than I, and then choose to hang out afterwards and talk to people, and choose to not hole myself up in my apartment, is bizarre.

The fact that I am signing a lease for another year in Nashville, rather than returning to my beloved Seattle after Christmas (like I had secretly been planning for months), is a huge surprise to me.

The fact that I have met amazing girlfriends is unexpected, but delightful. The fact that I have met amazing guy friends is utterly shocking, but oh-so-welcome.

The fact that I am feeling happy leaves me feeling flummoxed. (Now THERE’S a telling statement.)

I think it’s too early to say – and I’ll probably trip over my words. But here goes nothing: this INFJ might be becoming an ENFJ.

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