DeLurking Day… late

Written by hootenannie on January 22nd, 2009

In my hours upon hours of exploring the hinterlands of the World Wide Web, I recently made a grave realization: I missed a very important day. A day celebrated by bloggers worldwide. A day which changes lives, reveals secrets, and promotes honesty… that is, for those who remembered it.

10 days ago, I missed DeLurking Day.

See? Someone even took the time to make a little graphic. Of a man with a frightening grin opening his trenchcoat to flash the world.

Well, Internet, that is what I would like for you to do for me. Flash away.

Tell me who you are! Tell me a little about yourself! For just this one day, delurk – then you can slip back into your shrouded anonymity, I promise. Even if I already know you, say hi. And if you’re going to try to pretend like you don’t read this blog and just walk away quietly, don’t fool yourself: I watch StatCounter like a hawk. I know you’re here.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll ask you a question: what is your favorite hoofed creature? Mine is the horse, followed closely by Mr. Tumnus.

Okay, and if that one didn’t satisfy, here’s another question option: do you have any recurring dreams? I do. As of late, I have been dreaming of three things: dogs, running, and vampires. All three things braid together in the strangest ways.

Fine, one more: if you could be any pop star for one glittering, spangled performance, who would it be? Whitney Houston, without a doubt. And I would be singing “I Have Nothing,” complete with the key change.

If you hate all of those questions and would rather tell me something random, like how many wild goats you think you could take in a fight, or your favorite flavor of syrup, or why you’re choosing to not delurk (haHA, I caught you!), by all means… Maybe I will choose my favorite comment and send a prize pack. When I get my next paycheck.

Happy delurking. I may be late, but at least I’m fashionably so.

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