Not exactly waxing poetic

Written by hootenannie on March 19th, 2009

I apologize for the lack of substance on this blog this week.  I promise to resume some substantial, witty, entertaining posting someday soon.  But until then, this is all I have for you:

– I’ve filled out 3 March Madness brackets.  In one of them, in honor of Andy Bernard, I chose Cornell to win it all.
– This year, I remembered that a 16-seed team does not mean that “16 out of 16 times, THEY WIN!”
– I made mango chicken curry in Duane’s crockpot for “Lost” last night – but I added couscous to the mix, making it all an oatmealy-consistency.  Failure.  But at least it was curry-flavored oatmeal?
– Speaking of “Lost” – oh my word.
– I love interviewing the East Nasty of the Week each Wednesday night.  I’m practically Barbara Walters.
– If I were a man, I’m pretty sure I would grow a beard.
– I’m really sad for Natasha Richardson’s family.
– Last week, I found a watercolor of an owl that I made when I was 6.  It is RAD.  I framed it and hung it over my bed.  Not to toot my own horn, but I was like a young Picasso.  Toot, toot.
– For some reason, no one reads my blog on Thursdays.  It is very strange.  Readership plummets on Thursday every single week.
– A kick in the ass is a step forward.
– It is noon, and time to get dressed.

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