The opposite of boredom

Written by hootenannie on April 10th, 2009

My life is really awesome.  And if I were the F-bomb using type, I’d throw one of those in: my life is really F-ing awesome.  I LOVE my life here in Nashville.

That said, I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything going on – and yes, that is a monstrous understatement.

I have a new job that is taking up every ounce of brainpower I can muster – mostly because I am learning how to think like the Internet thinks (funny – I thought it just knew).  I wasn’t prepared for how exhausting starting this new job would be.  Thankfully, it’s a good tired.

I have the world’s most amazing roommates.  I have fantastic friends – the number of which is growing exponentially, meaning no shortage of social gatherings.  I am involved in a church that I love.  I’m trying to eat right and sleep enough and manage my bank account and purchase necessary plane tickets and maybe occasionally shower.  And on top of it all, I am training for this blasted half-marathon – which is happening 2 weeks from tomorrow.

I am slammed.

Until future notice, I think that I’ll be forced to give up songwriting, keeping up with “The Office,” cookie baking, reading in all forms, and – the bane of my existence – phone calls of any sort.

Except with my mom and Greta, of course.

This is a season.  Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this, Mama said.  And I know that I’ll settle into a rhythm soon enough.  Until then, I am experiencing the overwhelming, all-consuming, crazy-making reality of BUSYNESS.

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