Track 3: “Could’ve Sworn It Was You”

Written by hootenannie on November 4th, 2009


“Could’ve Sworn It Was You”

This was the very last song that we recorded – we finished it just about a month ago.  And when I listen to the project as a whole, I think that this song is my favorite; Josh’s got it pretty perfect.  Probably because I told him that I wanted it to sound like a country version of “More Than Words” – and I’m sorry, but that idea simply cannot fail.

When I got the idea for this song, it was a complete idea – that is, I had the line “I could have sworn it was you,” and immediately knew exactly all of the different ways I wanted to use it.  Sometimes, a gift is just dropped in your lap – and then you might spend the rest of your days trying to find something like it again.

Listen for Josh‘s harmony vocal (golden), as well as his super country dobro solo.  I think that his production really shines in this song.

This track has been deleted – you should buy the EP to hear it!

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