Four riveting lists

Written by hootenannie on December 10th, 2009

Next week’s Christmas parties:

  • Sunday night
  • Monday night
  • Tuesday night
  • Wednesday night
  • Thursday night
  • Friday night
  • Saturday night

All I want for Christmas:

  • Big, cheapo gold hoop earrings (so I can look fly)
  • Earbuds that hook over my ears (to wear when I run all by my lonesome)
  • A new guitar capo (someone stole mine from my room)
  • A very small box for my three tiny Christmas presents

Things I will miss about Nashville:

  • The JAM House
  • City Church
  • East Nasty
  • The Bluebird Café
  • “Lost” nights with friends

Things I am glad I am not:

  • Kidney stone passer
  • Road-kill scraper
  • Junior higher

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