My version of a conundrum

Written by hootenannie on January 15th, 2010

First things first: go get excited for my friends Annie and Hillary.  Ow OWWW, ladies!

Now, let’s whiplash back to my quiet life.  All I’m asking is to find a charcoal grey, non-microfiber, cozy, not-too-huge, affordable, totally sexy sectional.  Craigslist is failing me at every turn.

When it comes to my home, I’m a big fan of changing things up every now and then – which probably comes no, not from a constant desire for growth and refinement, but from my deep, childhood love of “Full House.”

Think about it: the Tanners remodeled SO MANY TIMES.  The basement into Uncle Jesse’s recording studio.  The garage into Uncle Joey’s bedroom.  The attic into Jesse and Becky’s apartment.  And remember when Vicky and her interior designer mom redesigned Stephanie and Michelle’s room from primary to pastel colors and it made Danny and Vicky fight and break up?

Formative, I tell you.

There’s a lady coming to buy my little red couch tomorrow, which is awesome because that thing needs to go.  But what does that mean?  Yes: that my little flowered chair (of Hootenannie header fame) will be my only piece of furniture in the living room.

These are life’s challenges.

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