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Written by hootenannie on March 30th, 2010

One night last fall, I came home to find a package from my friend Dani.  I opened it up, and – SCORE! – homemade granola!  Belying my civilized charade, I promptly ripped open the bag and poured it directly into my mouth.  Yes, like a savage.

Except it was not granola.  It was oatmeal.


But you know what?  I didn’t even mind that it was dry oatmeal coating my mouth – because it was THAT GOOD.  Or, at least, it was better than pouring dry Quaker Oats directly into my mouth – one hundred times better than pouring Target’s Market Pantry oatmeal into my mouth!  In fact, if I were ever to pour dry oatmeal into my mouth again, I would hope for oatmeal like Dani’s.

This is all to say that Dani and her family make some DELICIOUS cereal – whole grain and hearty and healthy.  And this is your lucky day – because Burning Daylight Foods is putting together an Easter basket full of scrumptious breakfast goodies, and YOU could win it!

All you need to do is leave a comment saying something – anything – about breakfast.  It could be something like, “I love Corn Flakes,” or “i can haz eggz?” or “I stole the Nun Bun.”

Comments will close tomorrow at 5pm Denver time – or, you know, whenever I remember to close them.  And then, using high-tech means, a winner will be chosen.

It could be you!  Seriously, this is the easiest contest ever.  It’s like taking candy from a baby – except the candy is cereal, and the baby is a cowgirl in southern California.

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