I am done apologizing

Written by hootenannie on April 27th, 2010

-For being introverted.
-For scheduling things months in advance.
-For being task-focused.
-For hating going out to breakfast.
-For loving “The Climb.”
-For not liking every person I meet.
-For not doing music right now.
-For not being able to pronounce “entrepreneur.”
-For hating the summertime.
-For using so many washcloths.
-For not liking dance parties.
-For not being “sweet.”
-For not being a phone person.
-For changing my mind sometimes.
-For not having a “career goal.”
-For wanting to have babies.
-For preferring order to spontaneity.
-For loving fiercely and loyally.
-For being honest.

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