(Bosom) Friend Fridays: Melissa Moen

Written by hootenannie on July 2nd, 2010

For the inaugural edition of (Bosom) Friend Fridays, the featured friend would need to be sparkling.  Dazzling.  A real Halley’s Comet of a human being.  And when you think of it that way, there is really only one bombshell of a choice: Melissa Moen.

[If you’re wondering if I am always going to be in the picture with the (B)F, well… it’s not that *I* need to be in the picture, it’s just that the *editor-in-chief of Hootenannie.com* does.  It’s in her contract.  So.]

When I first met Mel, I was intimidated in that “you are the prettiest person in the world” kind of way.  In fact, a few weeks ago, she went to my place of employment in Nashville to pick something up for me, and I told the cutie at the desk, Pamela, to just wait for the woman that looks like Cate Blanchett.  Pamela knew her right away.

I had the joy and privilege of sharing a house with Mel for the entire year of 2009; along with Julie, the three of us made up the JAM House, Nashville’s favorite place for a soirée (the city voted).  I hadn’t had roommates in 5 years, and probably never will again – our time together in that house was THAT special.  Julie and Mel would be an impossible act to follow.

Mel spends at least 97% of her time being enthusiastic, emotive, and excited – her buzz is contagious.  As a relatively calm person (I type in CAPS LOCK much more than I speak it), I found that with Mel around, I squealed about something several times a day, at least.  When she starts speaking dramatically, her hands fly around and her very perfect lips go in all directions.  It’s remarkably adorable.

She can wear running shoes and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress and heels – she looks equally natural in both.  She knows all of the words to every Shania Twain song.  She belongs on Broadway.  She is generous and thoughtful and bold.

I miss her like the dickens.

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  1. Jul

    Aw, I love this. Your way with words and your way with people make this a perfect feature. I am aggrieved to have only met the J and the A in JAM.

    Happy Friday, friend!

  2. Jul

    What a great feature for Friday. How fun! I love your profile of her. Have a great holiday weekend friend!

  3. Jul

    Yay Melissa! Have you ever noticed how you two look a bit alike? Because, at least in my opinion, you do…

  4. Jul

    She IS pretty. And she seems like a wonderful person to know.

  5. Jul

    Annie, she lives across the street from me now, and I could NOT be happier. I’m scared she’ll soon move out of Shadesville, USA, though, and I’m a little sad about that…Hope you’re well.

  6. Jul

    I have read your blog for over a year, and I just have to say, there was a lady on my plane from denver to Kansas City this week who looked like you! I wondered if you were related or something. :)

  7. Jul

    I wanna be her friend, too!! :) Annie, you attract beauty of all forms. xx

  8. Jul
    Pamela Talley

    Mel really DOES look like Cate Blanchett! And Annie, I’m honored to tangentially be in your Bosom Buddy Friday post. I love(d) Anne of Green Gables!

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