(Bosom) Friend Fridays: Miranda Runcie

Written by hootenannie on July 30th, 2010

When I started this blog at the dawn of time (2007), I really didn’t think that anyone apart from my mom and the dozens of boys who loved and wanted to wed me were reading it.

I was wrong.

You want to know who was reading it?  A complete and utter stranger named Miranda Runcie.

The way I discovered that a girl named Miranda Runcie was reading my blog is a very long story – too long for one post.  But if you’re ever in the room with both of us at the same time, you should ask us.  We’ll look at each other like an old married couple, kind of laugh and sigh, and then take turns telling the sequence of events.  It includes Daniel getting shot, the nation of Ecuador, a man named Nacho, me skipping communion in irrational tears, and that old abandoned amusement park of the internet, MySpace.

People who know the story can vouch that these are legitimate details (and I am happy to report that Daniel is alive and well).

When I moved to Tennessee, Miranda was there to warmly welcome me.  Our friendship developed quickly and naturally.  Having beat me to Nashville only by a few months, she and I began to navigate our new city together, making friends along the way and becoming part of a community that I now cherish so much, my heart could explode.  I discovered some of the best people of my life with Miranda by my side.

She is adventurous and well-traveled, fluent in Spanish, and very tall (I once heard her described as “vertically gifted”).  She likes to go on walks as long as I do, which is great because then we can talk for a long time – and she is a great person to talk to.  Miranda is really wise – a restful presence – and I trust her judgment and insight.

Not long ago, I learned that she recently discovered her 8th grade time capsule which included a VHS of her describing herself.  Apparently, she looked straight into the camera and solemnly declared, “Some people might say that I’m an untamed spirit.”  Sometimes, my own vision of that announcement plays on a loop in my head – 8th grade Miranda proclaiming herself to be an “untamed spirit.”  And then I giggle, because I know that 8th grade Annie would have loved 8th grade Miranda, too.

Some friendships truly are meant to be.  And the day that you hear the whole story of how we met, you will surely believe in this kind of divine happenstance.  I mean, a man named Nacho played a part!

And anytime nachos are involved, it can be accepted as destiny.

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  1. Jul
    Natalie (The Sweets Life)

    ahh the link that connects us! annie –> miranda –> katie –> natalie.

    i feel like i know miranda, having heard so many good things from katie, and yet we’ve never met! maybe one day all four of us will meet :)

  2. Jul
    Nashville Miranda

    Thanks Annie! You made my day–I feel kinda famous. Three short years ago I never would have thought I’d be reading about myself on Annie Parsons’ blog. I’m so glad our currents brought us together. :) Love you!

  3. Jul
    Nashville Miranda

    Hi Natalie! We DO need to meet! It will happen soon…like the next time I come to St. Louis. I love that real connections can happen over the internet!

  4. Jul

    Can’t wait to hear the story!

  5. Jul
    Greta Weisman

    Oh yay. Of all of Annie’s-friends-that-I-don’t-actually-know-but-still-sort-of-consider-my-friends, Miranda has always been one of my favorites. :)

  6. Jul
    Allie Dearest

    I like this Miranda immediately. This whole blog makes me feel like I’m watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Artsy-Beautiful Soul Pants. I feel happy, and also I feel like going for a walk and having brown hair. Sigh.

  7. Jul

    Greta, have you seriously never met Nashville Miranda? This needs to change SO SOON!

  8. Jul
    Brad Stevens

    We have known Miranda since she was a youngster, and she is an extraordinary person of great character and faith. Your blog does her justice. I was reminded of Emerson’s quote: “A friend is a gift you give yourself”.

  9. Aug

    Love this girl, like, furreal. AND I’m super jealous that you’ve watched the time capsule video, because somehow, I have not. AND you absolutely need to come to St. Louis so that we (you, Natalie, Miranda and I) can eat all together at Cheese-ology and find the perfect mac n’ cheese. AND Miranda and I MIGHT be coming to Denver soon to sleep on your floor.

  10. Aug

    Parsons, I love that your blog is a hub of all these random people. I am separated one degree from you through House 9ers, and therefore two degrees from Nashville M. Seriously, you should make a blog bubble diagram with lines connecting everyone. It would also give us a great way to read new blogs (for those of us who are still on an outer ring).

    Also… Miranda, that bit on your statement to the camera, I DIED. Died. Please write a memoir based on that line. Or I WILL.

  11. Aug

    my arm is in that picture.

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