(Bosom) Friend Fridays: Ginger Morby

Written by hootenannie on October 15th, 2010

This weekend, I’m flying to Phoenix for Ginger Morby’s wedding.

Small detail: I have never met Ginger Morby.

I became blog-acquainted with Ginger and her sister Valerie eons ago, and then we started emailing, and – yes – even Facebook video messaging.  If you are wondering how I could grow to like someone enough to travel to their wedding solely through video, well, I submit to you this:

See?  Wouldn’t YOU go to Ginger’s wedding, too?

Let me tell you a few things about Ginger.  Obviously, she is hysterical – but she is also incredibly wise (and I don’t give out that title lightly).  In some of my saddest moments, she has sent encouraging words, good words, true words – words that have made all the difference.  She’s also talented: last year, she auditioned on a whim for a production of “Camelot,” and was cast as Guinevere – yes, the lead.  And then, last month, she won an ARIZONI for Best Actress of All Time (or something similar).  When she was in middle school, she wrote a story called “36 Hours Till Daybreak,” which is just as awesome as it sounds – you can read parts of it here and here.  She loves and quotes “Waiting For Guffman.”  Once, she was a Facebook profile for Halloween.

And last year, she sent me a video message telling me that there was a guy.  And that he came out of nowhere.  And that after cooking dinner one night, they were doing the dishes, and she had a soapy plate in one hand and a dishtowel in the other, and he kissed her like she was Julia Roberts, and that she hadn’t stopped smiling since.

I am thrilled to say that tomorrow, I’ll be hugging them both for the first time.

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