Homeless FTW

Written by hootenannie on March 29th, 2011

I didn’t know that moving my stuff into storage would cause so many questions.

Oh, you and your questions!

It’s really not a big secret – here’s the deal.  My lease is up at the end of March.  I’ve loved this apartment – truly, more than any other physical space I’ve ever occupied.  But parking is atrocious.  It’s expensive.  And given my bizarre neighbors, as well as a landlord who entered my apartment last week when I was out of town, turned on the oven, and left it on for the SIX DAYS until I returned, I don’t know.  It just seemed like the right time to go.

I thought about finding another place right away, but then I remembered that April is going to be crazy.  I’m driving 5 hours away for a dentist appointment.  I’m going to Boston to see Christina.  Julie’s getting married in Kansas City.  And I’ll be in Nashville for the week before the half-marathon (which I will walk, not run – no shame).  Why pay rent for a month that involves a lot of travel?

So, I moved my stuff into storage.

Totally annoying, I know.  It means that I will have to move twice.  That is the pits.

But then, I think of the money I will save.  And because I do enjoy a small cushion of sweet, sweet cash (that, according to my track record, will probably be spent on some random emergency before I even see it), it all feels strangely worth it.

I’ll figure out the next step, the next place, the next home when I get back to Denver in May.

Now we are all on the same page.  It happens to be blank.  But at least we’re here together.  [snuggle snuggle]

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  1. Mar

    You’re coming to Boston?! Can we please please meet up for coffee?

  2. Mar
    Ali Einfeld

    like. :) i need a wine/cheese/hiking friend when we move!

  3. Mar

    Cute – thanks for the update!

  4. Mar

    Sounds like TONS of fun just waiting to happen! I love a spontaneous adventure!

    Hi there. I’m a new follower…Ok, that’s a lie. I have been kind of stalking you off and on for a few years. You see, Valerie Morby and I are Pals and I’ve heard so much about you! But it wasn’t until today {when I began my friendship with Google Reader} and she suggested that I follow YOU that I officially became a non-stalker.

    So here I am. Leaving my first comment. One of many, I am sure. You’re beautiful, interesting, have an incredible voice, and a clever blog. I think I’ll stick around :)

  5. Mar

    And that is NOT me in the picture. That, I am happy to say, is my handsome husband.

    I guess your site decided he was prettier than I am? Because I am not really sure why he just showed up…

    Off to investigate.

  6. Apr
    Jodi Thurman

    I will be walking the 1/2 marathon with you! I hope to see you!

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