Written by hootenannie on April 25th, 2011

As my co-worker Kelli just informed me, I am being a horrible blogger.

But hopefully, I’m being an awesome liver… as in “liver of life,” and not “organ that detoxifies.”

I’ve been all over the place – Boston, where I watched the Boston Marathon, Portland, Maine, where I ate my first lobster, Kansas City, where I bridesmaided for Juliebird, and now Nashville, where I have a very busy week of work.

You would think that all of this craziness would make for some good blogging – and for a more emotionally stable person, it probably would.  But at this point in my life’s trajectory, I don’t have much to say except hello, I think you’re great, and I’ll be back sometime – preferably after a full night’s sleep and a big glass of water.

Trust me, you want THAT version of me – and not this one.  I just need a minute.

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