A smattering of recents

Written by hootenannie on May 17th, 2011

Since our last rendezvous, some things have happened.

When it comes to books these days, I am insatiable.

I absolutely devoured “The Hunger Games.”  This series is all the rage, and I know that a lot of you have read them.  No spoilers here, except to say that I have not enjoyed a story so much in years.  For the 8 days it took me to read all three volumes, I was nothing short of obsessed.

Just before “The Hunger Games,” I read “The Help.”  Loved it.  And I typically don’t feel this way after reading a grew book, but I’m so glad they’re making a movie, too.  When you love characters so much, you can’t help but want to see them in action.

Now, I’m reading “Ape House” by Sara Gruen, author of “Water for Elephants” (which I loved).  I’m about halfway through, and it’s so luxurious to have a book that you can’t wait to read every night.

To this day, I am the only person I know who has read “Beatrice and Virgil.”  If anyone out there has read it and wants to help a soul feel better about life, will you please tell me?  I can’t be alone with the burden of this book any longer.

I spent this past weekend in Detroit with newlyweds Matt & Julie.  Never you mind that they’ve only been married for three weeks – when they found out I was going through a hard time, they called and told me to come.  A few days later, I was there – and it was exactly what my heart needed.

What a gift to have friends who remind you of what is true about yourself, and to help you remember that it’s not really all about you anyway.

The vet amputated the Toad’s leg.

Oh yes.  I guess have not mentioned it here yet, but a week ago today, our sweet dog Kodi (remember her?) was diagnosed with bone cancer.  Amputation was the best form of pain management.  So on Friday, the doctor CUT OFF HER LEG.

I swear, medicine these days.

She’s home now, and wearing a t-shirt to help protect the most gnarly incision I’ve ever seen.  She will never high-five again (sad joke).

But this little bear cub is amazingly resilient, and wagging her tail as much as ever.


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