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My favorite news stories of 2013

Monday, December 30th, 2013

There are a bunch of “Top 10 Stories of 2013” lists floating around the Internet right now, and that’s all well and good. But I have a few favorites of my own – and whether they be for legitimate or ridiculous reasons, here they are.

  1. 5,000 people gathering at the Mall of America to sing Zach Sobiech’s “Clouds” in his memory.
  2. The man commissioning the crafting of a 12-foot bronze statue to flip his ex-wife and her new boyfriend the bird on a daily basis.
  3. The fraudy sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. (See here for an awesome translation of what was actually being signed.)
  4. Batkid saving the day.
  5. Kim Jong-Un sending a threat of attack by fax. By fax?
  6. The Boston Marathon bombing survivor meeting the woman who saved her life.
  7. WestJet Airline reviving the holiday spirit.

I tried to get to 10, but the list started to feel watered-down. So there are 7. Let me know if I missed your favorite.

Light, life, hope

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

I have always prided myself on the fact that I think I would have survived on the Oregon Trail.  I’m hardy, a tough cookie, a survivor.

But there is no way I would have survived 69 days in a cave underground.

The Chilean miner rescue is one of the most amazing, inspiring stories I’ve ever heard.  If there was ever a reminder to hope, even when there is no light (literally), it’s this.

Also: if I were the costume type, I would so be a Chilean miner for Halloween.  There’s your idea for the day.  You heard it here first.  Take it and run.

Little trifles

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

In keeping with my track record of “don’t stay in one place for too long,” I’m flying to Nashville tonight for 10 days.  Josh & Meg are getting married next weekend, so I’m going to work with my wonderful co-workers at headquarters until then.

“Headquarters” sounds so official.  I should mention that said “headquarters” houses multiple hula-hoops and a keg.

I just read that Sandra Bullock is 46 years old.  Excuse me?  Not that that’s old – but some people are hot forever.

Sometimes, is the most depressing website ever.  Is there ever any good news?  If you know any, can you tell me about it?

Have you seen “The Cove“?  Did you cry like I did?  It reminded me of how broken this world is, and how “salvation isn’t just about ‘going to heaven.’

News to me

Monday, December 7th, 2009

I don’t watch the news anymore – ever.  I don’t have time in the morning, I don’t have time at night, and so I just don’t do it.  I mean, I hear things – but I don’t know the stories.  I catch snippets – but don’t know the details.

Currently, I have no idea what the deal with Tiger Woods is – that is, I know that he got in a car crash and then that somehow translated to him being accused of being a total sleazoid, but…  Wait.  Is that the whole story?  That might be the whole story.

Amanda Knox got 26 years in an Italian prison – but honestly, I only learned that because I ran across a picture of her online and liked her jacket.

I have no idea why the blonde Obama Crasher was wearing a sari.

I am embarrassingly out of touch.

Which is why I was shocked to recognize a Zhu Zhu hamster in the hand of a small child yesterday as the one that has recently been recalled.  This little toddler was walking around Marché with – yes! – the light brown version!  Gripped in his grubby little hand!  His parents were calmly eating their eggs, oblivious to the fact that their child was CLUTCHING POISON.  I had a flash of me jumping to my feet, knocking over tables, running in slow motion with my face contorted into that warped “NOOOOOOOO,” with outstretched hands to knock the infected rodent away.

But his parents looked kind of mean.  So I didn’t do anything.

And it’s too bad – if I had, I bet I could have made the news.

Thoughts for a Thursday

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Let me just get it out: I feel like a terrible blogger these days.

Okay, now I feel better.

– – – – – – – –

Saturday is the 6th annual Tomato Art Fest in East Nashville.  This is of note for 3 reasons:

1)    Sound the trumpets: I am making my triumphant return to running, as I’ve registered for the 5K in the early morning.  Nashville Miranda and I plan to run together and catch up about life – and if that means running 15-minute miles, so be it.
2)    I’ll be singing backup for the beautiful, the talented, the VOICE – Wendy Jans, at 12:45pm on the main stage.  It’s supposed to be 96 degrees out.  So much for glamour, and/or happiness in general.  But seriously – come hear this woman!
3)    At 3pm, Seth will be entering the Red Head Contest.  For those of you who have had the honor of beholding Seth’s gorgeous (and all natural) locks, you know that he is going to win that ribbon.  He will hold the title of “Tomato Red” soon enough.

Also, I just love tomatoes.  They’re so fat and wonderful.

– – – – – – – –

I wish we said the same thing about humans, because I have some amazing birthday cheeses in my fridge.

– – – – – – – –

“Amnesty” is just another word for “grace,” and I think that deep down, that’s why we are so moved over the story of Laura Ling and Euna Lee.  It makes me cry to think about them being pardoned and allowed to return home – mostly because it reminds me of the undeserved kindness and generosity I have been shown in my own life.

Sometimes, I feel just like those girls.