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Take it from Hadley

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

My sweet friend Hadley is six-years old, and one of the wisest, funniest, sweetest souls I know. I just had to share this articulate little Hadley-ism (which she said to her mama), because it cracks me up. She already gets it.

“It’s interesting how boys are so different when they’re little and when they’re grown up. Girls are mostly the same. Like, you and I are pretty much the same, except that you are in charge of me. But the boys I know don’t act like our Daddy does.”

All in the name

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Facebook has these silly quizzes that are always circulating: Which city do you belong in?  What kind of a dog would you be?  What kind of cocktail are you?  Which TV mom would you be?  Let it be known that I do not participate.

But last night, a friend of mine completed one I hadn’t seen before: What should your parents have named you?

And the answer that it gave her?  ANNIE.

And then!  The description of girls with the name Annie: You are nice, caring, and you love being with your friends.  Boys drool over you and you are hot stuff.

You know it, Facebook.

A smörgåsbord of wisdom from a co-worker

Friday, January 16th, 2009

“It is so freezing today.”

“Can you do anything to change that?”


“Then don’t worry about it.”

– – – – – – – –

“We have a gas furnace in our new house. Is it better to have electric heat, or gas?”

“Do you have a choice?”


“Then don’t worry about it.”

– – – – – – – –

“I have to get an oil change, and a new headlight, and my computer fixed, and new tabs for my car, and refill my prescription, and buy more insurance, and pay SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS to get my bridesmaid dress altered.”

“Can you do without any of those things?”


“Then don’t worry about it.”

From the mouths of babes…

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

“God is stronger than war.”
– Micah Parsons, age 4

Quick talking tongue

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Sometimes I say too much. I open my mouth, and everything comes falling out faster than I can rein it in. I have this bold and intrepid streak in me, and when I pair that with having an innate need to communicate, the occasional result is a reckless slew of kamikaze words.

Words are hard to take back.

Proverbs 10:31 says, “The mouth of the righteous flows with wisdom, but a perverse tongue will be cut out.”

For the most part, I do a pretty good job of watching my tongue. I value words, and so I am careful with them. I like to use them for good, for storytelling, for communicating pleasant things, for sharing observations, for revealing truth. I rejoice when I am able to find the perfect words to describe something, or articulate something for the very first time, giving me a certain familiarity with myself that I did not have before. But sometimes, the cynical, sardonic side of me commandeers my train of thought, and all of a sudden, I have said too much. I have been too harsh, gone too far.

As one who loves to write – prose and verse – I know that I must continue to feel and experience and share and convey and transmit and speak. I have to be willing to communicate the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, the beautiful and the dark. But how can I do that – stay true to what I believe is a calling on my life to be a communicator of sorts – and still be wise with what I say?

It’s a fine line. And sometimes I’m not very good at walking it.