Christmas creativity


Today, we had our family Christmas celebration. Having a pastor for a dad and a musician for a mom, Christmas Eve has never been a holiday as much as it’s been a “work” day, and this year, we’re leaving on Christmas Day to drive to Colorado for a week. So today was our only chance to celebrate as an entire family.

Being unemployed and living on a tight budget, my funds were meager this year. But one of my favorite gifts turned out to be one that I made.

First, I watercolored 5 little flowers – although our scanner has washed them out slightly:

Then, I paperclipped them to a ribbon to make a little banner.

That’s all! Simple, but cute, and it reminds me of Ashley and her shabby chic style.

Speaking of flowers, I am obsessing over Amy Butler these days. Her fabric? Her notecards? Her frella stunning designs? I want her to supply me with all things “home decor” in my new Nashville home. If I was a quilter, I would make an Amy Butler quilt. If I was a seamstress, I would make an Amy Butler trenchcoat. If I was an upholsterer, I would make this.

See, it’s like this: if we all have a harmony to our melody, a yin to our yang – a floral counterpart, if you will – she is totally mine.


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  1. MJ on December 25, 2007 at 6:08 PM

    I have a friend named Amy Butler.

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