In junior high youth group, we would occasionally sit in an awkward circle where each person was supposed to take a turn praying out loud.  When it was your turn, if you didn’t want to pray, you would squeeze the hand of the person sitting next to you.

Skip, please.

Well, that’s what Friday just did to me.  Skip, please.

No (Bosom) Friend Friday today.  Instead, I’m getting out to enjoy my weekend.  Christina is flying in from Boston, and my nephews are in town, and I’m taking the day off of work to take full advantage of both of these things.

Check in next week for an update on my dental status, a report from a sushi-making class in Portland (where I’ll be for work), and most definitely, the highlighting of a (bosom) friend.  Until then, I hope that you can step away from your computer, and really live.



  1. Emma Underwood-Davis (Under-davis?) on August 6, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    Portland?? I was just in PDX on Tuesday of this week for work myself. How long are you there? I could be up for a wee road trip down to meetcha for wine/cheese if you had time…?



    You were flooded with so many well-wishers on Facebook that I figured I’d save my wishings for a different spot. I hope it was a lovely, beautiful day for you.

    I heart you, Annie P!

  2. Katie on August 6, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Annie P. will be in Portland?! I’d LOVE to see you!

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