Jeremy Parsons

Sweet baby Z

Sweet baby Zion is hanging on and hanging in there.  His condition has shifted so many times and so quickly, it’s hard to know what to say – and I don’t want to say one thing, only to have it change in the next minute.  So watch Jeremy and Ashley’s blog for more “official” news….

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Too good to keep to myself

I bring you this special weekend blog scrap just to announce that my brother used to think the phrase was “throw kosh into the wind.” Tremendous!

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My brother, the inane genius

Jeremy: “I have some great ideas for pictures on the cruise.” Me: “Awesome!” Jeremy: “I know.  There’s one shot that I’m positive I’ll have to get.” Me: “Cool – what is it?” Jeremy: “Well, it will be you, in some sort of dress.  And we’ll go to the very front of the boat.  And you’ll…

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