Having already cleaned up barf today

Toad has no remorse.  She does bad things and doesn’t know they’re bad.  She just keeps wagging her tail and dog-smiling, and it’s impossible to be mad at her.  She has never known shame. Ugh, I love this damn dog.

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Dog days

Yesterday, we had a bit of a canine emergency when Greebs the dog ate an entire plate of peanut butter & chocolate brownies, and we had to take him to the animal ER to have them induce vomiting and coat his stomach in charcoal. Did you know that I haven’t thrown up since I was…

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In her own words: Kodi’s trip to the Northwest

A week ago Saturday, Annie opened the front door.  I ran through it.  She had my leash out, so I knew we were going somewhere – but instead of walking around the block one time (as far as I can walk), she lifted me into her car. I like to ride in the car.  I…

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A smattering of recents

Since our last rendezvous, some things have happened. 1) BOOKS When it comes to books these days, I am insatiable. I absolutely devoured “The Hunger Games.”  This series is all the rage, and I know that a lot of you have read them.  No spoilers here, except to say that I have not enjoyed a…

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