Michael Murphy

Wedding day (not mine)

The other night, Becca texted Sarah and me this amazingly awkward picture. It could only mean one thing. We belong on “Murder, She Wrote”! …and… Becca and Michael’s wedding pictures are ready! Hop over to Jeremy and Ashley’s blog where they’ve absolutely killed it, proving once again why they are so worthy of being named…

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The Murphys

On Saturday, my sister Becca married Michael Murphy. I know. Her dress is insanity. This picture is insanity. Jeremy and Ashley are insanity, and will be posting many more pictures in the future, I’m sure. I am still reeling from bronchitis-while-bridesmaiding, 3 days out of the office, and all of the wedding festivities. I’ll see…

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Things you are dying to know

1)      I’m back from New York.  “Newsies” was the definite, absolute highlight of the weekend.  I smiled basically the entire time – that is, when I wasn’t tearing up (and then just letting the tears spill over) during “Santa Fe.”  If it’s even possible, I think I’m getting MORE EMOTIONAL with time.  Suitors to the…

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