August 29th, 2008 browsing by day


Shimmering tidbits

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Last night marked the first of 5 shows at the Bluebird that I am attending in a 2-week span. I saw one of my heroes, Lori McKenna – and among others, she performed this song. The bridge gets me every single time. She has such an economy with words – how can someone write so devastatingly?

I have missed every single speech of the Democratic National Convention thus far, and have some catching up to do via the internet. In the meantime, I think that Greta has some amazingly insightful words about the upcoming election. But in case you’re wondering: no, I don’t really want to talk about politics. Not today. Thanks for asking, though.

It’s hard to believe that the time has come, but Micah started preschool this week. If you’re ready to see some of the most achingly adorable pictures of your life, look at my nephews. I am a proud auntie, and can’t wait to see them again when I head to Kansas City in October.

If you want to laugh (of course you do!), please watch this, and this, and this (why does this one never get old?).

My long weekend will be spent in Nashville, but surprisingly, it is filled to capacity. I wish that I was driving to Hilton Head, or flying to Seattle, but instead, I’m making a little extra money hanging out with the German Shepherds again. Maybe I’ll blog over the weekend. Maybe not. One thing is for sure: even though there’s no work, I still have to blog on Monday, because F is for…?