FAQs (and not-so-FAQs)


When did you start this blog?
Publicly emoting since March 2007.

What are your favorite things to talk about?
Jesus, paradox, hope, forgiveness, relationships, personal finance, outdoor adventures, health, contronyms, the 06 Female, dreams for the future, awkward encounters, beauty from ashes, and what matters to you. Let's talk sometime.

What kind of dog is Foxy?
THE BEST. My guess is a mix of Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, and maybe a little Husky or Sheltie. She loves rotisserie chicken, and is terrified of kids.

Why is her middle name Brains?
Because she's more than just a pretty face.

Do you want to join my pyramid scheme?

Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Montrose High School in Montrose, CO, in 2000 – and although Montrose was a fabulous place to grow up, I couldn’t wait to leave. I moved to the Pacific Northwest where I studied music at Seattle Pacific University. It is a useless degree. But I’m glad that I have it. (And for the record, I should've appreciated Montrose much more when I lived there.)

What's your Enneagram type?
I'm a Four. But am I the only one who's a little tired of talking about the Enneagram?

Where can I hear your music?
Sometimes I write songs, and you can hear a few of them here. I don't have any big ambitions with my songwriting — I'm just in it for the challenge and satisfaction. And the money. And the fame.

Who are your favorite songwriters?
Lori McKennaGretchen Peters, Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, and Sara Groves. Lots of others, too.

What do you do in your free time?
Read, write, run, walk, eat, travel, and wallow. I also do a lot of yoga.

How many Colorado fourteeners have you climbed?
At last count, 36 of the 54. It's a dream of mine to climb them all.

Who do you secretly look down on?
People who can't drive stick shift.

What's the best movie of all time?
Well, there are five. That Thing You Do!, Jurassic Park, Children of Men, Arrival, and The Sound of Music.

What makes you cry?
Jim & Pam's wedding, videos of soldiers surprising their families, kids being brave, speeches by Coach Taylor, the final scene of Homeward Bound, Kerri Strug sticking the landing, and inspirational Disney sports movies.

What's worth the money?
Professional hair color. A good sports bra. Guacamole on the side.

What's not?
Cable TV. Warranties. Fancy sunglasses.

What do you want in life?
For someone to make me chicken enchiladas.

What are some words to live by?
Romans 12:12 is a good start.

How can I contact you?
Smoke signal, pigeon carrier, or Saint Bernard with a tube around its neck (my top choice). Or you can email me here.

Why “hootenannie”?
Because “goddess of light and beauty” is a little bit too accurate. It just felt so obvious, you know?


  1. Stacey on March 28, 2010 at 11:55 PM

    thank you, darlin’, for the “your and you’re”. I taste bile when I read the indifference.

  2. Deborah Barnett on April 17, 2010 at 9:32 AM

    FAQ: Does Debbie Barnett adore Annie Parsons? Answer: Why yes she does. Immensely.

  3. Chris on August 1, 2013 at 9:13 PM


    Ha ha!

    I would guess, never in shame. Likely in victory. Definitely, given the chance, in a bathtub of yogurt?

  4. hootenannie on September 22, 2013 at 11:48 PM

    Chris – definitely in victory, but more like a vat of queso.