Month: March 2012

Which is Spanish for “Fluffy”

We live in a predominantly Hispanic area, and I love the kids who live a few doors down from us.  They’re always outside running around in the yard, yelling to each other in Spanish – yet effortlessly switch to English when I walk past. The other day, I was passing by with the dogs when…

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In which I compare myself to a bear, a bunny, and a slug

Well, shoot. I have been a horrible blogger, emailer, Facebooker, Instagrammer, and all around virtual presence lately.  It seems as though my Internet Self has opted for hibernation (the best part was the eating and eating and eating beforehand). But it’s not as though my Internet Self is the Real Me, and the Real Me…

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“Your vision isn’t big enough”

I can’t tell you how many times in the last several months that I have sat down to write, only to be confronted with the alarming realization that my spirit feels dry.  The five fairly consistent years of this blog should prove that it’s not like me to have nothing to say – but you…

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