Month: October 2015

Tea party

For anyone who is a fan of the tea served at Aveda salons but doesn’t want to spend the the NINETEEN dollars for 20 tea bags, I have discovered an alternative: Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea It tastes just the same, and you can get it on Amazon for $0.20/serving as opposed to the $0.95/serving…

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My cattle panel fence

This is going to expose me for being the spoiled brat of a consumerist that I am, but here it goes anyway: I still have an iPhone 4 and it’s RUINING MY LIFE. *throws self on ground to flail* A rundown of my first world phone problems: It’s slow. I try to slide the bar…

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Brain crumbs

I haven’t had it in me to write something meaty. So here are some scraps of stories and thoughts from the last few weeks. ::::: Just once, I would like to hear a country song in which the woman is driving and the man is riding shotgun. Come on. ::::: I know that I’ve recently changed…

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