Becca Parsons

Becca and Gabe

My new roommates

As you learned in last Friday’s video, I now live with my sister Becca in the Hooker House.  Get used to it – I have a feeling that Life on Hooker Street will become a popular subject on this blog. Aside from time time spent under our parent’s roof, this is the first time that…

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“Point your hand over there”

As inspired by this man… … we’ve been working on our dance moves: Double Dream Girls from Annie Parsons on Vimeo. The best moments are at 2:05 (“point your hand over there!”), 2:42 (“butterfly!”), 2:47 (“freestyle!”), and 2:52 (Becca’s amazing punch).

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The most artistic Parsons

My sister Becca is a great gift-giver.  She puts a lot of time and thought and effort into the things that she gives people – and this past Christmas was no exception. In addition to our “real” presents, she made everyone in our family an awesome dog portrait.  Weird?  NOT IF YOU’RE A PARSONS. Becca…

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