Hunter Lane

Haircuts for bears

Every morning, I pull up to read about current events.  As a person with no TV who despises talk radio, it’s the only window I have to the outside world. This morning, rather than reading about politics (so long, Santorum) or George Zimmerman (so long, lawyers), I opted to click on this link: “Texter…

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(Bosom) Friend Fridays: Graham Stoner

Sometimes, you find a friend that you didn’t even realize you needed until he’s there, fixing things around your house and giving good hugs. I hired Graham Stoner (aka Handy Graham) off the internet in 2008.  He had just been voted Nashville’s Best Handyman, and shoot.  I needed a handyman.  Simple as that, our friendship…

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(Bosom) Friend Fridays: Hunter Lane

On my 25th birthday, I was hanging off the back of a boat on Lake Washington, all barfy and miserable.  But without that wretched experience, I never would have met the boat owner – who later, after I moved to Nashville, put me in touch with Hunter Lane. And now that I know Hunter Lane, I…

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