Irony, sarcasm, and vulnerability

Perhaps you saw Christy Wampole’s New York Times article “How to Live Without Irony,” published in mid-November. While I believe Ms. Wampole makes a mistake in mass-labeling so-called hipsters as insincere narcissists (because I know plenty of people that fit the “hipster” bill who are both genuine and generous), I do think she’s accurately pinpointed…

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On Friday, I dropped my phone and shattered the screen, rendering it useless. Irony is contacting the police to tell them that if they in fact find my stolen vehicle, please don’t call me – call my sister instead. And then I asked, “By the way, any news?” And they said, “No.” On Friday night,…

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Overheard in Boston

“I mean, how ironic is this: I’m a ROOFER, and I got SHINGLES.” Pure poetry.

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