Trying not to sweat the small stuff

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I don’t know what happened.  As a general rule, I am responsible and thorough and “together.”  But I misread our itinerary, and what I thought was a 5:50am flight was actually a 5:20am flight.  And this morning, thanks to my negligence, my dad and I missed our plane….

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Mall hell

The American shopping mall is my own personal version of a gauntlet, a house of horrors, a labyrinth of doom. How exactly one is supposed to successfully navigate her way from one end to the other is a concept that eludes me. It is hard to believe that when I was a child, “going to…

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Things I loathe

There are certain things that, frankly, I just cannot stand. Disclaimer: Just because I am choosing to focus on the negative this morning does not mean that I am always a negative person. I happen to have a panoply of things that I love, too (one of which being the asparagus bruschetta that I ate…

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