My Christmas present to earth: a new word

Written by hootenannie on December 19th, 2007

Friends. Enemies. Frenemies.

I recently learned that “woot” is being inducted into the 2008 version of Webster’s Dictionary.


“Woot” – or “w00t,” as it commonly appears – originated with role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, as a shortened version of, “Wow! Loot!”

Wow. Loot.

I am amazed that we live in a culture where we can just make up words, and they contain the potential of winding up in Webster’s. Therefore, in hopes of leaving my mark for all perpetuity on the English speaking population of this planet, I propose a new word.


A combination of “freaking” and “hella” (which, incidentally, is also a made up word), I am sure that you will have no problem incorporating this into your everyday vocabulary. I don’t even need to give you examples; there is no wrong usage. You will use it as you please, and any context will be acceptable. Spread it around like wild fire.

And remember: you heard it here first.

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