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Written by hootenannie on March 25th, 2008

Things I Must Do In My Lifetime
The Living Big – a detailed account


26) Own a Mazda 3 hatchback with seat-warmers and a stick-shift.
27) Go to Italy. Bask.
28) Try lobster.
29) Run a half-marathon.
30) Throw a surprise party for someone awesome.
31) Actually read all of the books that I own.
32) Learn how to use Photoshop.
33) Master my hair-do, my wardrobe, and my eating habits.
34) Go wine-tasting in Napa with some good friends.
35) Grow flowers in a window box.
36) Take an art class.
37) Be in another musical. One where I get to sing and shuffle-ball-change.
38) Drive the length of the BC coast.
39) Go on an Alaskan cruise.
40) Own a house with a barn so I can have little baby animals.
41) Ride in a helicopter.
42) Go to a major awards show. I don’t care what kind or which one.
43) Tie a tie.
44) Start my own business.
45) Have a porch swing.
46) Make frosting flowers.
47) Kick the body image issue.
48) Own my own set of tools in a cute, convenient case.
49) Ride a camel. Or an elephant, I guess. I’d settle for a donkey.
50) Mow a lawn – but preferably a small one, in cool weather, in a beautiful location, with mountains surrounding me, and birds chirping.

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